CAR Loans

CAR Loans, House of Reciprocal Help Loans

We offer the advantage of a C.A.R loan with guarantors or with mortgage that is given in a short period of time depending on the number of files that we have. When you want to purchase something very fast, you can choose a House of Reciprocal Help Loans and you will receive it from us shortly.

The necessary documentation is minimal:

  • Identity document (CI/BI)
  • Tax Certificates ( only loans with mortgage)
  • Income statement (pension certificate/coupon)
  • Utility bill
  • Real property contract

Granting conditions for House of Reciprocal Help Loan:

  • For the loan with guarantors : 1, 2 or 3 guarantors depending on the amount contracted
  • We accept the budget sector employees with at least 1 year on the current place of work
  • We accept a maximum 1 person participating in credit, from private sector
  • The minimum wage is 850 RON
  • We also accept retirees, with maximum age of 71 years


Advantages for CAR credit:

  • Fixed interest rate throughout the loan period
  • Free legal and financial advice
  • Without granting commissions
  • Without management commissions
  • Help bereavement
  • Speed work
  • Up to 3 month grace period
  • Registration fee free ( just retired )

Useful documents: