About us

House of Reciprocal Help, called abbreviated CAR is a non-profit association organized based on the free consent of the employees, in order to support and financial mutual aid its members .

House of Reciprocal Help „Moldova” is a legal entity and has acquired this quality through civil sentence no.10 AJ /11.12.2003  of the Roman court .

The objective of activity of CAR is the granting of loans to its members with interest who returns to their social fund, after deduction of expenses and establishment of statutory funds


CAR ‘s work is nonprofit and relies on the following objectives:

1. Attracting among members , based on the free will, of a large number of people;
2. Self help its members by granting loans;
3. Protecting members’ social funds against inflation;
4. Encouraging its members to constitute up strong social funds;
5. Ensure equally the same rights and obligations for each Member;
6. Promoting educational programs on loans and other services necessary for members;
7. Ensure cashing of all loans and related interest according to the terms established by the loan agreements;
8. Granting non-refundable aid death, in the death of a member,  for his successors in the amount established by the General Assembly..